Better systems mean better measurement

The need to continuously monitor and evaluate social programmes is increasingly important for both donors and social impact organisations. Social franchising mechanisms have been shown to build organisational capacity, free up resources and assist with skills transfer – overcoming the three most common reasons why social impact organisations struggle to implement ongoing impact measurement.

Social franchise models provide certain inherent advantages when it comes to impact measurement:  

  • Monitoring and evaluation tools are built into the franchise model from the outset
  • Impact reporting is a key component of the regular reports that franchisees produce
  • The franchisor provides support to the franchisees on many aspects including impact reporting
  • Regular field visits by the franchisor help keep franchisees accountable
  • Economies of scale allow for more sophisticated technology to support monitoring
  • More cost effective as investment in scalable monitoring systems is a once-off cost

Social change is inherently complex which means that measurement cannot be boiled down to one metric. Please contact us (hyperlink to Our contacts) to discuss how we work with donors and potential social franchisors to standardise successful impact measurement programmes.

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