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Your Growth Partner

We support your business expansion objectives right from ideation and planning through to launching your franchise network.

Our franchise consulting services have been gained in the real world, delivering real results for new and existing franchise networks. We will help you avoid the many pitfalls that new franchisors face due to a lack of experience.

Franchise Feasibility Check

Is franchising right for your business? We conduct a 10-point check to review whether franchising is a suitable expansion strategy for your business. This thorough process will allow you to reach an informed decision and identify the most practical route to franchise your business. If your business is not franchiseable we will suggest other methods to achieve scale.

Franchise Development Plan

You have taken the decision to franchise your business. We will help you take the next step with a Franchise Development Plan to achieve franchise readiness. This is a comprehensive blueprint detailing the establishment and development of a business model for your franchise system. It defines what you want to achieve, and how you are going to achieve it.

Franchise Activation

We work with you to take your franchise to market by implementing the Franchise Development Plan. This could include setting up a pilot franchise, briefing franchise lawyers, commissioning the franchise operations manual, creating the franchise marketing material, as well as attending to other areas critical to the successful launch of your franchise.

Social Franchise Development

Social franchising, also known as not-for-profit franchising, is franchising with social rather than profit-making goals. We work with non-profit organisations considering social franchising to achieve scale. This could start with a Franchise Feasibility Check and culminate in a Franchise Development Plan.

Formalising Franchise Networks

Many franchise networks have low levels of compliance with the brand and operational standards. This lack of consistency between franchises degrades the customer experience. We work with franchisors to formalise their franchise networks to improve standardisation, consistency and ultimately profitability.

SME Growth Plan

Franchising is not suited to all businesses and business owners, but there are many other means of expansion to consider. We will work with you to develop an SME Growth Plan to take your business to the next level.


Whether you are an aspiring franchisor, investigating a franchise to buy or an established franchise, we have the course suitable to your needs. Our expert facilitators will guide you with the latest thinking in franchising, retail and marketing principles to enable you to run a successful franchise. Our varied backgrounds in retail, consulting and coaching will give you new insights and tools for your business, whether it’s franchised or not.
How to Franchising your business in South Africa with the help of Franchise Fundi.

Associate Services

We work with a wide range of professional service providers who have deep experience in franchising. These services include:

  • Developing franchise operations manuals
  • Franchise, retail and business acumen training
  • Franchise agreements
  • Retail consulting
  • Business information and analytics


Considering franchising your business? Get in touch with Franchise Fundi to discuss whether your business has franchise potential and how to go about franchising your business the right way.