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Expert Franchising Advice Franchise Fundi is a consulting firm specialising in franchise development and SME growth strategies.

With over 20 years’ experience in franchising, we have helped numerous organisations take the next step in expanding their operations. Whether you’re just thinking about franchising, have already begun the franchising process, or are an experienced franchisor, Franchise Fundi can help you grow your business to maximize its potential.
Franchising Wisdom Our logo includes the Nyansapo symbol or “wisdom knot” which is the revered symbol of the Akan people of Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. This symbol represents wisdom, intelligence, and ingenuity. As franchise development consultants, we leverage our hard-won wisdom to guide our clients to build their franchise networks in an intelligent and patient manner. We have experience in both commercial and social franchising. Contact Us DISCOVER Commercial Franchising Franchising is a dynamic model for expanding your business, with the right tools and team your franchise network can be incredibly successful. Franchising offers a way to grow by licensing third parties to use your know-how, proven business formula and branding. It offers you the chance to grow your footprint with external capital from highly motivated owner operators. Contact Us DISCOVER Social Franchising Franchise Fundi is South Africa’s leading authority in social franchising. This is defined as franchising with social impact rather than profit-making goals. Social franchises pursue these goals using franchising for the replication and distribution of products and services of the organisation. Franchising provides economies of scale, standardisation, skills transfer and the opportunity to create a supportive network. Contact Us DISCOVER


Why choose Franchise Fundi?

Our clients trust us for our experience, knowledge, personal attention and the high quality of our work.

  • Honest, realistic and considered advice
  • Depth and range of sector experience
  • Proven track record of successful franchising
  • Wide associate network with franchising specialisation
  • Continual learning keeps us at the leading edge of franchise knowledge


You need a Fundi

Franchising your business is a big step, don’t make the mistake of going it alone. Franchise Fundi can help your organisation to achieve its growth and development goals.

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Client Testimonials

See the results achieved by our clients

“Anita assisted Education Africa our non-profit company since we had the vision of implementing a social franchise model a few years ago. She helped us to design the franchise model and also challenged our thinking on the commercial aspects needed to launch the social franchise, from branding and formalisation of our processes to budgeting and the legal framework required. Anita also assisted us in developing funding proposals for our projects and legal briefs to help formalise the relationships with our partners. Her years of franchise and commercial experience added tremendous value to our project and guided us ever closer to implementing our vision”

James Urdang
CEO & Founder: Education Africa

“Anita is a highly qualified consultant who has the ability to very quickly understand one's needs and then most professionally assists and directs one's strategic thinking.”

Pieter Wessels
Former Distribution Manager at SAB

“Anita is professional in all she does. It is a pleasure working with her as you know the matter will be dealt with in the most proficient way. Anita has a way of doing things that leaves one at ease because you know that you are dealing with one of the best.”

- Basil Badenhorst
Former Franchisor at Plastic Box, New Zealand

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